Symptoms of uterus cancer

Symptoms of uterus cancer

Like breast cancer, uterus cancer is a serious disease in women. Many women in the world have suffered from uterus cancer and died of this disease. In Europe, especially in North and Eastern Europe, about 65,000 women have been infected with Urea in 2012. And in Europe, there are six cancer cases among the most cancerous cases of uterus cancer.

Every year around 250,000 women are infected with uterus cancer. The cancer survival rate decreased by 50 percent due to not being treated in the first stage of the disease. Those who get treatment from the first time are 95 percent likely to survive.

Many people think that this disease may occur after being adult, but it is a misconception. Women can be uterus cancer at any age. In particular, women aged 50 and over are infected with uterus cancer.

Studies have shown that women in industrialized countries are more affected by uterus cancer, and on the other hand, women in African, American and Asian provinces have less risk of increasing uterus cancer.

The uterus cancer is called ‘silent killer’. Because many women do not understand some of these symptoms because of this illness. Or does not give importance to different symptoms. So be aware of some of the signs of the disease.


Some signs of uterus cancer

  • Pressure around the downstream or frequent urination.
  • Gas, indigestion, constipation. After the light meal, the stomach is filled, the discomfort in the stomach, etc. If there are a lot of abdominal problems then it may be a sign of uterus cancer.
  • There are many changes in the abdomen from other times.
  • Excessive pain in the abdomen or stomach swelling.
  • Nausea or repeated vomiting.
  • Reduced appetite.
  • Extra weight gain or a lot of weight loss.
  • Finding pain during sex.
  • Extra tiredness.
  • Women are bleeding after being menopause.


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