That is why first love is not forgotten

That is why first love is not forgotten

My love with him 10 years ago. He was my first boyfriend. I was 17 years old, and his 19th. We were crazy for one another. But our relationship breaks down. After a long time it has passed. But I still think about him. He comes to my dream I’m a married happy women now. I am very happy. But it is amazing, I cannot forget him. We have been contacted again a few days ago. But I think I should get out of here. What will I do? Please give advice. ‘

If you regularly keep an eye on the magazine or news portal’s advice column, then you will find such problems almost every time. Do not forget about the previous relationship and repeatedly remember that the incident of the current life is very worrisome. Feelings like first love, first feeling, and first love are very strong.

As a result, after breaking the relationship, after engaging in a new relationship, the past is presently attacked. The reason is that after a long time the effects of the first love of human life remain. If that love ends with a bad experience, the memory does not disappear. But why? Why these memories are so deeply embedded in my mind and brain? Why are they brighter than other memories?

A psychological study says that the feeling of first love is the first to jump from skydiving or airspace to parasites. After all, if you do not jump, remember the first time in the most obvious. Art Aaron, professor of psychology at New York State University, said, “Your first experience is better than any other time. Perhaps for the first time doing some work, there is some fear, some excitement works.

The first love is sometimes scared; there is a fear of being rejected. There is doubt about whether the expectations will be fulfilled or not. Worry is the biggest part of love. Especially the first love case.  That is why the first love of our memory is deeply embedded in our memory. And there is no love memorial and thus cannot sculpt the mind.

It is seen in most people, that the love that comes to life in the end is lasting forever. That love is the most care of people. Yet the first love memories have never been remembered. Aaron said that this may be because most of the first love is in adolescence. When the hormones change strongly, they are confused with the family. It is a very important time for all human life. And that is why the effects of this time of love have fallen deeply in life.

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