Best tips to get rid of asthma

Best tips to get rid of asthma

Those who are suffering from asthma, they have to be a little more careful. There is a need to take care of themselves, because at any time, breathing can arise. However, there is panic in the winter asthma patients. Because the problem of breathing is greater than other times. So, there are some domestic tips to get relief from frequent breathing problems.


Onion is very useful in the treatment of any inflammatory disease. Also helps to keep the nose clear. You can eat onion to relieve breathtaking.


Lemon is rich in vitamin C and antioxidants. A glass of water can be consumed daily by lemon juice and a little sugar. The pain of asthma will be very low.
Lavender oil

Put 5-6 drops of lavender oil in hot water. Take a break slowly. Will work like magic.


One of the oldest hotspots of asthma are honey. According to experts, before taking a night to sleep, mixing one cup of honey with cinnamon powder mixed with honey reduces the amount of breath. There is a lot of ease in cold cough.

Put a piece of ginger in the water. Take this mixture for five minutes at this time. Not only asthma, fever, flux-coughing, in any disease, equally useful juices.


Drink that mixture by pouring 3-4 quart of coriander in a cup of milk. Garlic juice is very useful in the treatment of any lung disease.


Very reliable drink coffee to cure asthma. A cup of hot coffee reduces the inflammation of the airway. Energy is in the body.


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